neděle 8. března 2015

Sweet screams

New member of Monster family - Sweet Screams Frankie

I was after her for a couple months, last time I saw her at great price, but paint in her eyes was damaged, so I passed, and this time I was lucky. And she has the best box hair from all my dolls (except Wydowna - she had no problem )...

And Watzit is instant friend with Ghoulia :)

středa 4. března 2015

#Yarn Addict

Its all in the title - Im officially addicted to yarn and crochet. After my trials with basic chains and stuff, completing one handbag and not making progress for a year, Im back to it :D 

Over the last two weeks I learned how to make like three types of flowers, granny squares, and I found this pattern - I saw it on Ravelry many times before but never thought I could do it ...
THIS is it - sample below 

I will be making crochet skull shawl from the grey wool and huuuge bunch of granny squares for pillows from the colored ones. Black is  super thin and I want to try and crochet a lace collar from it ... 

pondělí 2. března 2015

Month of the book

In Czech libraries, March is for last couple of years the month of a book - this is to attract more people to libraries... I also want to visit this month, but my personal month of the book will consist of reading books i recieved for christmas and some I downloaded (illegally :D ) 

I will start with this one book that I bought yesterday...

It's called Confession of an Inquisitor and its about witchcraft trials in Czech Republic. They are not so known because we are such small country, Salem trials are more famous but equally as interesting ...and terryfing at the same time... I suppose its a fiction story, not too historically accurate, so I have another book to check historical facts ...  

This other one is called Report of Unfaith (is that a word ?? :D ) and its a summary of facts about witch trials in Velke Losiny-Šumperk area. I got it last time I was there, from a relative. 

Next I have some unread H.P. Lovecraft stories, some poems and fantasy books in my tablet so maybe this month will be a bit too short for me... 

What are you reading ? 

pondělí 29. prosince 2014

neděle 7. prosince 2014

2nd Advent

Yesterday we baked gingerbread and I spent all afternoon and today morning decorating them. My hand is sore, but i think it was worth it. In this picture is only our share, we also baked for grandma - I decorated them yesterday and now we are headed to her place to deliver them :) 
Small pictures are my best favorite ones - moose which now has his leg broken (thanks mom :d), Nightmare bfore christmas inspired stars and simple angel. The heart I gave my boyfriend :) 

neděle 30. listopadu 2014

1st Advent

Just a quick post today, to show how we spent the first advent sunday - by decorating the house as we always do. This year we changed up a bit and didnt decorate the staircase, but made garlands above every door instead. I absolutely love the little deer head I bought yesterday in Tesco :) 

Have a nice Advent time everyone. I will be sharing more decorations as we add them :)