úterý 30. července 2013

Skulls and crosses

Today I wasn't working, so I spent my day relaxing, sketching, crocheting, and going through my craft supplies stash. 

I bought those ceramic beads in May when I was on our family reunion :) I had some ideas what to do with them, but after going through the vast collection of spacer beads, charms and other stuff I have, I decided to use what I had on hand and make some earrings... 

these are tiny skull with side holes, I have one more pair of these skulls, need to figure out what to use them for :) 

this is my most favorite pair of all those I made today. I like the asymetry and rosary-like cross charm ...  I think I'll keep these to myself, not sure yet if I want to sell them :)

Price of each pair can be found on my facebook page.

pondělí 29. července 2013


I love taking pictures of food, even though my beloved family laughs at me, but I just like the way food looks on a plate, how it can be styled and so on :)

Spaghetti Bolognese - one of my best favorite meals, I could eat it every day :D 

Caprese is my favorite light meal all year round, but it is much better in summer with freshly picked homegrown basil

I eat salad variations over and over through summer. This one is lettuce, tomatoes, sweetcorn and onion with balsamic vinegar dressing and chilli oil

Delicious salmon my Mom made :) served with parsley potatoes and salad

Pudding and yoghurt dessert with strawberries and grapes. Very light and not too sweet, great for summer

sobota 27. července 2013

Little helper

This huge bun is not the outcome of teasing my hair, it didn't even grow. It's awesome how a piece of plastic net can make such a big difference... I tried sock buns before ( used one of my bf's socks, he never figured out where did it go :D ), but it wasn't solid when I pinned it up. Last Saturday I went to visit a friend working in a jewellery store and picked it up (along with the new silicone tunnel you see me wearing in the above picture...). I have been doing my hair with the bun maker thing every day since :) My hair stays in place all day, holds the shape and I don't need to use too much hairspray :) if it wasn't for my fringe, I wouldn't need it at all :) And this miracle cost me only 40 CZK (cca 1,5 Euro)

do you ever have problems with losing bobby pins ? I always buy a 100 pack and two weeks later they are all gone... this is the leftover I found in my wallet, somebody needs to invent bobby pins with a tracking device asap...

středa 24. července 2013


I haven't created anything for a long time... Not counting crochet that I also put away for a while because I was too busy... I was planning to go to beadshop for a while now, but the one I go to was closed for 2 weeks, and now when it reopened, I have to wait for my money to arrive :D So I decided to make a list of wish-to-buy things that I would love to craft with... Complete with links to stores I took pics from :D
this ribbon would be great for headbands 

I have seen those feathers on Etsy both used in jewellery and to buy, but never got around to buy them. Maybe now :)
pretty wooden rings in plenty of colors

I love lava beads
I can think of many fillings for these bottles, I own one full of avanturine pieces, would love to make more :)

All of the above pictures taken from

this bird skull pendant is hauntingly beautiful and I need it ...

I can never get tired of feathers...

All of the above pictures taken from

those ceramic beads are adorable... 

these would be great to make tassels :)

I can imagine these Peruvian clay beads used in so many accessories :) 

All of the above pictures taken from

That is no way the end of my want-to-buy craft supplies list, but I thought it was too much already :D In my virtual shopping carts I have already spent more money than I could ever make in my life. Pity I can't switch grocery shopping for bead shopping :D 

středa 17. července 2013

Finished !!!

Konečně jsem dokončila svoji háčkovanou kabelku :) i s podšívkou... původně jsem do ní chtěla dát zip, ale hrozně klouzal a zatrhávala se mi nit tak jsem se na něj vykašlala. Taška je stejně tak hluboká že kdyby mi do ní někdo chtěl sáhnout tak to ucítím... Už se těším až budu mít příležitost vzít si ji někam a chlubit se s ní :D 

 I finally finished my crochet handbag :) complete with lining... I originally intended to put a zipper in, but it was slipping out and messing with my thread, so I ditched it. Nevermind, the bag is deep enough so when anyone wants to steal from me I would feel it :) I can't wait to wear it out and show off :D 

podšívka je tam hlavně aby se mi o očka nezachytávaly klíče a podobné věci a aby se moc nenatahovaly, ale kdyby mě náhodou přepadla chuť mít oranžovou kabelku tak se dá klidně otočit :D 
 I only did the lining so that my keys and stuff wouldn't get caught into it, and so that it wouldn't stretch too much, but in case I want to wear an orange handbag, I can now :D 

pattern detail

A taky jsem začala novou, kterou si objednala kamarádka :) 
And also, I started a new one, commisioned by a friend :)

pondělí 15. července 2013

Skater boys

These pictures were taken last week in a skate park in a nearby town. I only have one close friend, David, who is a true skater boy, and he called us if we wanted to hang out at the park. My daredevil boyfriend asked if he could borrow David's new bmx bike and they were goofing around. I borrowed his skate for a while, but I didn't ride for maybe 6 years and his board was the old school tiny one, while I was used to the cheap generic one you can buy at toy stores :D I fell after a short while, then I was laying on the concrete and laughing about it :D the rest of the afternoon I spent sitting on top of the ramp taking pictures :) 

Daredevil before going to action :D needless to say, he wanted to try a trick above his skill level and fell :) thankfully, it ended only with a bruise...

It was in the cards for everyone to fall that day. David wanted to do a backflip and fell on his head. It can't make him anymore crazy, so it was fine too. But i can tell you, it looked scary...

Soon the guys started complaining about  flat tires, so there was nothing left to do than to fix it right away... :) And as they say, if you can't fix it with strength, you need to use more strength :D :D :D me,  David's girlfriend and her brother spend the evening laughing at them, because they were funny like laurel and hardy. Later we sat on their front porch, talked, laughed, and had a good time. We will do this again soon, and then I need to find the board we shared with my sister and learn how to ride again :D 

neděle 14. července 2013

Donated, not thrown away...

Do you remember this scene from the Big Bang theory ? :) 

Well that, in some way, is what happened to me a few days back. my boyfriend has a part time job working for a company that bags used donated clothes. He and his friends take the bags full of old unwanted clothes (thrifty heaven) and load it onto a truck which takes it wherever it's needed. I was working late, and when he called me if I was coming home, he told me he had a handbag for me :) well... this is more like a small suitcase :D also what i noticed, the logo looks a bit like a gucci fake :D but I don't really care :) The bag looks brand new, well made, and is spacious enough to hold all my necessities for a week :D and it was thoughtfully stolen (word my mom used, not me :D because their boss said he doesn't mind if they take stuff...) by my love <3 :D

in this picture, it looks strawberry red, no idea why, but in reality, it's more rust color with brown handles, a great combo of my fave colours :)

He said he would bring me some more things if he finds something I might like :D sweet boy....

pátek 12. července 2013


I never really cared too much about plants. My mom and grandma are really passionate gardeners, but I never thought I would be the same way. They told me I'll grow into it... But I never thought it would be that soon... :) A few years ago, I managed to kill a cactus, which doesn't even need much caring for :(  btw, that was the moment my mom's obsession with cacti and succulents started, we now have a full window sill and many other places :D But my passion for flowers and plants started when I shared an apartment with my boyfriend. It is true, that a house is not a home without a plant. So we had some that i was treating nicely, fertilizing them and everything, I even went to my grandma for gardening advice :) So now, when I can finally appreciate the beauty we live in, I want to share it with you. You can see all the love my mom has for those plants, and how peacefull and relaxing the balcony looks when filled with plants. We live in the centre of our town, yet it makes me feel like in the heart of nature... Cheesy, yes ? :D

I found this beautiful blooming hibiscus one morning when I went for a cigarette in our little oasis. It's so adorable, and vibrant, I feel so sad because I know it will die in a few days, but I wanted to capture the beauty it is now... I just want to pluck it and weave it int my hair and go to a beach :)

This widowsill is our herb garden :) We grow rosemary, parsley, basil, two kinds of mint and oregano 

This mosaic table was one of craft project my mom and i did together while we lived in a big house a few years ago. It used to be in our basement and as we used to have parties in there, it was pretty damaged. So we painted the legs green and did a mosaic on the tabletop to hide the stains and everything. 

This little weirdo is my mother's favorite. I don't like plaster dwarfs, I think they are creepy, but as long as they are small i don't really mind. But always when we go to gardening or home improvement stores (quite often :) ) I have to keep mom from buying another ones :D She has two now, which I think is more than enough :P He looks like he knows something we don't... mystery dwarf...

Cacti that didn't fit on the windowsill anymore, but I have no idea where will they go in winter... One day my mom will manage to fill all the rooms with plants and we will be left to live in our tiny basement... :D 

středa 10. července 2013


Třístý příspěvek zde na blogu :)
300th post on this blog :D 

What more to say ? 

úterý 9. července 2013

Sunrise Ombre

Už jednou jsem úspěšně zkoušela OMBRE nehty. Teď tady mám letní verzi i s návodem kdyby někdo stále tápal (i přesto že internet je jich už teď plný :D ) 

I already succesfully tried OMBRE nails. Now I have a summer version for you, complete with instructions for those who are still lost in it (even though the Internet is full of them :P )

Potřebujeme: laky (já jsem použila žlutý Miss sporty a ostatní od Essence), podložku která jde umýt - doporučuju složku na dokumenty nebo jiný kousek folie, houbičku - já jsem kousek ustříhla z obyčejné kuchyňské
Supplies: nail polish in selected colors, document folder or any other material that can be simply discarded or washed, sponge - i snipped a piece of a kitchen sponge

1. Naneste si první barvu na celý nehet a nechte zaschnout. Po zaschnutí vylijte opatrně trochu dalšího laku na podložu. Namočte houbičku a začněte s ní tupovat po nehtu. Chyba kterou jsem dělala já bylo že jsem s houbičkou třela. Musí se vždycky přiložit a odlepit pro žádaný ombre efekt.  
Fill all your nails with base color and let dry. After this, pour carefully a bit of the second color of choice onto your surface. Dip the sponge and press on the nail. The mistake I made with my first try was that I used the spong kind of like a brush. You need to press and lift and then maybe press again to get the desired ombre effect.

2. opakujte i s další barvou(barvami). Mějte na paměti že vždy musíte ubrat trochu plochy na kterou další barvu nanášíte aby se vytvořily přechody.
repeat for the next color(s). keep in mind that you always have to fill a smaller area to create ombre. 

3. samozřejmě houbička není moc přesná, proto dalším krokem je očištění okolí nehtu :D používám na to odlakovač v tužce nebo vatovou tyčinku když tuhle věcičku nemám po ruce.
the sponge is not too acurate, so the next step is to clean around your nail. I use polish remover in a pen or a cotton swab if I don't have that at hand. 

Poslední krok je zalakování průhledným lakem, aby ta paráda aspoň chvilku vydržela. A taky proto že lak tím tupováním ztratí svůj lesk :) Já jsem si to zadělala gelem, takže doufám že mi to aspoň dva týdny vydrží :) Mám ráda upravené a nalakované nehty, ale přes léto na to není moc čas...
The last step is clear top coat, so the beauty stays on for a while. And also, because of the pressing, polish loses it's glossiness. I finished mine with gel, so I hope it stays on for at least two weeks :) I like polished nails, but over the summer I don't have too much time to do that...