sobota 6. července 2013

Bank holidays

The 5th and 6th of July are national holidays in the Czech republic. To me, they are not that important, one is religious and one is political, but no big celebrations take place on these days for normal people :)    My mom wasn't working and she wanted to check some clothes shops in a nearby town, so we took a roadtrip there :) Here is what SHE <3 bought for me :) I love going shopping with mom :D 

I love this top so much. I bought one for myself last month in off-white color, and it ws a huge dilemma for me at that time which color to choose (they also had teal and black). Now it was reduced to half price, which means I would buy them all, but they only had this one left. It's so perfect, racerback, lace, my favorite colors, and flared fit. summer staple indeed. and only 98 CZK

these pants I bought with the intention to wear them to work, but they are so super comfortable, I think I need to buy another pair in floral print and wear them all the time (and the floral ones they had would go perfectly with both my lace tops :D ) my boy thinks they look like jammies, but what does he know ? :D

and this... absolute perfection. my first peplum top with such a beautiful print. I had the intention to sew one for myself, but couldn't find the perfect fabric for it. Now I have it for 98 CZK :D I already have a few outfits planned with it, so hopefully I will be able to capture them :) 

With all these beautiful clothes (not counting the ones I already had :D ) i really need to start taking more outfit pictures. Not that I want to be a fashion blogger or something, just to document my style for myself, and maybe see a potential of the clothes I already have in a new light. Does it make sense? I don't  know :D

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