středa 24. července 2013


I haven't created anything for a long time... Not counting crochet that I also put away for a while because I was too busy... I was planning to go to beadshop for a while now, but the one I go to was closed for 2 weeks, and now when it reopened, I have to wait for my money to arrive :D So I decided to make a list of wish-to-buy things that I would love to craft with... Complete with links to stores I took pics from :D
this ribbon would be great for headbands 

I have seen those feathers on Etsy both used in jewellery and to buy, but never got around to buy them. Maybe now :)
pretty wooden rings in plenty of colors

I love lava beads
I can think of many fillings for these bottles, I own one full of avanturine pieces, would love to make more :)

All of the above pictures taken from

this bird skull pendant is hauntingly beautiful and I need it ...

I can never get tired of feathers...

All of the above pictures taken from

those ceramic beads are adorable... 

these would be great to make tassels :)

I can imagine these Peruvian clay beads used in so many accessories :) 

All of the above pictures taken from

That is no way the end of my want-to-buy craft supplies list, but I thought it was too much already :D In my virtual shopping carts I have already spent more money than I could ever make in my life. Pity I can't switch grocery shopping for bead shopping :D