úterý 30. července 2013

Skulls and crosses

Today I wasn't working, so I spent my day relaxing, sketching, crocheting, and going through my craft supplies stash. 

I bought those ceramic beads in May when I was on our family reunion :) I had some ideas what to do with them, but after going through the vast collection of spacer beads, charms and other stuff I have, I decided to use what I had on hand and make some earrings... 

these are tiny skull with side holes, I have one more pair of these skulls, need to figure out what to use them for :) 

this is my most favorite pair of all those I made today. I like the asymetry and rosary-like cross charm ...  I think I'll keep these to myself, not sure yet if I want to sell them :)

Price of each pair can be found on my facebook page.