čtvrtek 29. srpna 2013


Last Saturday, my Grandmother celebrated her birthday.We had a gift for her, but Mom wanted to buy fresh flowers, and when she went to pick some (already arranged and decorated) she couldn't find any she'd like, so she bought a bunch of roses for me to decorate... 

All these materials I had at home. Beads, felt butterflies (in the end I didn't use them), Al wire, feather, florist wire, tulle

First I cut the aluminum wire to be slightly longer than the length of the flowers, then I used round nose pliers to twist the ends into spirals. Next I took the florist wire, strung beads on it and some feathers, and freely twisted it and strung through the stems and around. Last I made a tulle bow and attached it with florist wire. Really simple... 

Next I will be making some Fall themed decorations, I have all the supplies at home :) 

středa 28. srpna 2013

Family trip

 This weekend I  went for  a short trip with my family (well, it was short for me, as I had to work today, they are staying for a week). We stayed in a pretty cottage - hotel. When we came there I realised I have already been there few years ago with my dance  team.  :) The  only downside was the weather...

We played a lot of games, pool, bowling, board games :) 

Taking picture of my sister taking a picture of me taking a picture - pictureception :D 

We visited this beautiful castle - Pernštejn

my sister being her true self :D

gold filled chapel

I wanted to see so much more in the region we stayed, but unfortunately the weather didn't allow us, and also I had to leave early. But I enjoyed even that short stay, we had a lot of fun. And also, this was probably the last trip of this summer... Can't wait for next summer :D

sobota 24. srpna 2013

Change in the wind

Since last week I started to feel like the summer was over. I already mentioned it in one of previous posts about my color choices. And it became obvious today when we went out to get pizza and I dressed in real Fall-like outfit (dark brown pants, army green top, brown sweater, tall boots) I was going through my Polyvore history and noticed how my style shifts in time. Not that I would go from one style to another and stick to it for some time and move on again... My style changes with seasons!
In summer it's all boho hippie maxi dresses and beads, when fall comes it shifts into country girl - cowboy boots, lots of plaid, earthy tones and denim. In winter I dress rocker/rockabilly with black clothes and strong contrasts, and just as the spring arrives it shifts into more romantic sweet and girly look with more pastel colours ... I decided to demonstrate this by picking some of my favorite polyvore sets from the last 3 years... 

First day at college

this one is from 3 years ago, from this very time when I was getting ready for my first semester in college, and was inspired by Gossip girl. I still like it to this day and with some changes I wear it over and over every fall.
Freshmen welcome party

This was an inspiration board for my freshmen party, I was a fresh proud owner of these exact doc martens and mixed them with everything. I ended up wearing a similar purple prom dress with these shoes, and it was the best decision. Everyone loved it and I didn't have to worry about my health in heels :) 

summer plans pt.1

this one is from the beginning of summer two years ago when I did a blog post series about summer trends I want to wear. And I wouldn't mind wearing those exact outfits any day of this summer !!!


another outfit I wouldn't mind wearing now even though its 2 years ago. I remember that at the time I created it, Jeffrey Cambell Litas were all the rage, and I also wanted my own pair so bad... I have saved them to my polyvore in every color and style they made :) and I still don't have that kimono that I want so much... 


another fall outfit from 2 years ago, made of simple basic pieces with a little twist (such as red cowboy boots which I also own since last year :) ) for this fall I need to get a good leather jacket, because the one I had is completely broken and unwearable now.


another country girl fall outfit from last year


this one may not look too wintery, but conveys the atmosphere and feeling I usually get in winter. Bleek and harsh, which is what this outfit is to me, I still love it, but not the feeling that comes with it...

i scream :D

here is my spring outfit from this year. Pastel colours all the way, I even bought some pastel accessories and really made my spring cute and colorful...

black fringe

This picture represents my summer staples. Sandals, fringe bag, maxi dress, sunglasses


quite recent creation, also a bit fsll feel to it

Hope you liked my little tour of my polyvore profile

pátek 23. srpna 2013

Energy flow

Recently I started to learn more about more spiritual topics. I have always been fascinated by astrology, chakras, meditations, healing stones and stuff, but never really dug into it. My boyfriend's mother is a valuable source of books, advice and knowlege about many of these things.... I'm excited to have new hobby to study, and hope to soon share my knowledge on some of these topics :) So far I'm going to show you a picture of my own chakra bracelet (above) - I didn't make it, I bought it on our roadtrip. And I painted some stones with colors and symbols of each chakras. I have been collecting stones through the summer when we went swimming, and I decorated them this way :) They have no other purpose, just to look pretty on a shelf :)

This book about gemstones and their health benefits has been my go to all sumer, and also when picking gifts for my close ones... Pity I have to return it soon...

úterý 20. srpna 2013

Inspired by nature

Today I want to share some new jewellery I made in the last few days. I feel greatly inspired after my short vacation... This is somethig I missed for the first part of summer... The kick of inspiration, the urge to create, to see shapeless materials form into something wearable and pretty... 

My personal sun necklace. Last few days have been overcast and rainy, so every ray of sun is needed. I created my own here with lava bead, wooden pendant, leather strip and some chain. 

You may remember this owl from my treasury post, I was hoping to wear it all summer, but with work and tight money I didn't get a chance to buy the leather... Last week I decided to make this braided wrap bracelet, inspired by my friend's necklace (ahoj marsí) I added some beads and a tree charm and made it my guardian :) I put it up on sale on my facebook page, but I'm not sure if I want to sell it :) 

This mandala/dreamcatcher was originally intended to be a necklace, so I only got one of these pendants... But it didn't feel right on chain nor leather, so I let it sit for a while to decide how to fix it... Then I just decided to make it into an assymetrical pair of earrings with single feather for the other one. I really love it this way, may need to make some more :)

Those hoops are just a little experiment with beads that turned out this way... I will probably gift it to a friend, I know of one who likes this style :)  

This last bracelet also turned out pretty nice, for the fact it started as another experiment... I wanted to see if I remembered how to make a sliding knot :) turned out I do, so I added charms and made it my astrological sign bracelet :) also for sale, with any sign you might wish...

neděle 18. srpna 2013

Road trip...

On Thursday we went on a roadtrip. We packed into our tiny Rover, I couldn't believe it :D 4 people, a tent, sleeping bags, drinks... :) I planned the entire trip, because I like to make lists and stuff :D Here are some pictures from our trip, I took over 300 pictures in 3 days :D

 my sweetheart driving :)

 oldtimer museum in Lesná (website)

 if you follow this blog for a while, you know I love anything to do with cars and motorbikes :) My dream is to have a table made out of engine :) this V8 would be perfect for it...

 Cornstein castle - it's a ruin, but pretty and romantic with spectacular views...

 I took a picture of this bridge as a keepsake for my grandmother. Maybe ten years ago we visited this place with our family on a reunion, and while my grandmother and others were at the campsite, My grandpa, cousin and sister went to this bridge, found the service footpath and we were climbing throug the bottom part of the bridge :) She was so scared and angry, now she can just laugh at it :)

posing at Bítov castle

infantry cabin, codename Garden in Šatov, part of border fortification during WWII 

 I love this budha head, want it <3

last picture, and goodbye...

We had a great time on our trip, we are already planning next year's trip :)

sobota 17. srpna 2013


I bought this super awesome handbag from a friend. I only have it for a few days, but I wear it all the time now :D It's really super pretty and adorable, and also can hide my MacBook and all essentials :) I have great fun pulling stuff from my closet, because I already own some older pieces in colours corresponding with the ones in the bag... great way to start wearing unworn clothes again :) And this below may be my go to outfit for the rest of summer :)  

pátek 16. srpna 2013

Stone and wood

On Monday I went for a shopping trip to Brno. A friend of mine had a handbag for me and I wanted to go to my favorite beadshop. And my dear bf wanted to eat at McDonald's :D we managed all three things and here is what I bought at the beadshop :) and I couldn't wait to create from the material... Also, after seeing those pictures I took, I noticed my color choices were a bit muted, like ready for fall, Even though I thought it was still summer, my subconsciousness seems to disagree... I can't wait for next summer :D 

these are lava beads with wooden leaf pendants. really simple but I like it a lot   

these are Coral beads and wooden mandalas. I love them so much, I'm stupid I didn't buy more... 

 more feather earrings... wonder if I ever get tired of those... do you ? :D

this necklace is really unusually dainty for me, but I really loved the painted feather, just paired it with Jade bead and dainty chain... super pretty <3

You can find prices of everything on my facebook page