pátek 16. srpna 2013

Stone and wood

On Monday I went for a shopping trip to Brno. A friend of mine had a handbag for me and I wanted to go to my favorite beadshop. And my dear bf wanted to eat at McDonald's :D we managed all three things and here is what I bought at the beadshop :) and I couldn't wait to create from the material... Also, after seeing those pictures I took, I noticed my color choices were a bit muted, like ready for fall, Even though I thought it was still summer, my subconsciousness seems to disagree... I can't wait for next summer :D 

these are lava beads with wooden leaf pendants. really simple but I like it a lot   

these are Coral beads and wooden mandalas. I love them so much, I'm stupid I didn't buy more... 

 more feather earrings... wonder if I ever get tired of those... do you ? :D

this necklace is really unusually dainty for me, but I really loved the painted feather, just paired it with Jade bead and dainty chain... super pretty <3

You can find prices of everything on my facebook page