úterý 13. srpna 2013


Last week a friend told me about a new bead shop in my town. They also have online shop, so I checked it out and decided to go there, because there were some pretty charms and beads, but I always prefer to see these for myself to check the quality... This top picture is what I bought there... Those pink neon beads are to make a bracelet for my sister. Some pendants, clasps, chain, waxed cotton rope to make macrame bracelets, and earring hooks were a gift from the shop owner :)  

I made this little breastplate necklace with FIMO beads, metal beads and chain. I really like the way it turned out and I want to make more of this kind, just need to find more beads like this. And I need to get me some plain tops or a dress to wear it on...

I like bracelets and recently I've seen many slave chain bracelets, so I decided to make my own. I used coins I had in my stash for ages and an interesting silver chain... I only hope it will turn darker with time, because this particular light silver is not really my favorite shade, too bright for me ... 

Slave anklet with wing charms, it's really tiny and dainty and looks cute with all my flats :) 

This one I love the most. All supplies used I already had from a long time ago. This gold chain is from a hardware store, so it was difficult to work with it, especially getting the desired lenghts of it :) the gold disc is from a mixed package of beads, I originally intended to make a bracelet from big mismatched beads, but I only collected 5 or so, that it wasn't enough :) Now I used it here and love it. I have some more and intend to make one more anklet like this so they'd look like shoes when I wear them :D The peace sign is howlite - fake turquoise, and other beads are real turquoise.

Please excuse my weird looking foot, it has a strange shape I know :D and the red stain on my foot is an oil burn from work... it's almost gone now