čtvrtek 29. srpna 2013


Last Saturday, my Grandmother celebrated her birthday.We had a gift for her, but Mom wanted to buy fresh flowers, and when she went to pick some (already arranged and decorated) she couldn't find any she'd like, so she bought a bunch of roses for me to decorate... 

All these materials I had at home. Beads, felt butterflies (in the end I didn't use them), Al wire, feather, florist wire, tulle

First I cut the aluminum wire to be slightly longer than the length of the flowers, then I used round nose pliers to twist the ends into spirals. Next I took the florist wire, strung beads on it and some feathers, and freely twisted it and strung through the stems and around. Last I made a tulle bow and attached it with florist wire. Really simple... 

Next I will be making some Fall themed decorations, I have all the supplies at home :)