neděle 18. srpna 2013

Road trip...

On Thursday we went on a roadtrip. We packed into our tiny Rover, I couldn't believe it :D 4 people, a tent, sleeping bags, drinks... :) I planned the entire trip, because I like to make lists and stuff :D Here are some pictures from our trip, I took over 300 pictures in 3 days :D

 my sweetheart driving :)

 oldtimer museum in Lesná (website)

 if you follow this blog for a while, you know I love anything to do with cars and motorbikes :) My dream is to have a table made out of engine :) this V8 would be perfect for it...

 Cornstein castle - it's a ruin, but pretty and romantic with spectacular views...

 I took a picture of this bridge as a keepsake for my grandmother. Maybe ten years ago we visited this place with our family on a reunion, and while my grandmother and others were at the campsite, My grandpa, cousin and sister went to this bridge, found the service footpath and we were climbing throug the bottom part of the bridge :) She was so scared and angry, now she can just laugh at it :)

posing at Bítov castle

infantry cabin, codename Garden in Šatov, part of border fortification during WWII 

 I love this budha head, want it <3

last picture, and goodbye...

We had a great time on our trip, we are already planning next year's trip :)

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