sobota 24. srpna 2013

Change in the wind

Since last week I started to feel like the summer was over. I already mentioned it in one of previous posts about my color choices. And it became obvious today when we went out to get pizza and I dressed in real Fall-like outfit (dark brown pants, army green top, brown sweater, tall boots) I was going through my Polyvore history and noticed how my style shifts in time. Not that I would go from one style to another and stick to it for some time and move on again... My style changes with seasons!
In summer it's all boho hippie maxi dresses and beads, when fall comes it shifts into country girl - cowboy boots, lots of plaid, earthy tones and denim. In winter I dress rocker/rockabilly with black clothes and strong contrasts, and just as the spring arrives it shifts into more romantic sweet and girly look with more pastel colours ... I decided to demonstrate this by picking some of my favorite polyvore sets from the last 3 years... 

First day at college

this one is from 3 years ago, from this very time when I was getting ready for my first semester in college, and was inspired by Gossip girl. I still like it to this day and with some changes I wear it over and over every fall.
Freshmen welcome party

This was an inspiration board for my freshmen party, I was a fresh proud owner of these exact doc martens and mixed them with everything. I ended up wearing a similar purple prom dress with these shoes, and it was the best decision. Everyone loved it and I didn't have to worry about my health in heels :) 

summer plans pt.1

this one is from the beginning of summer two years ago when I did a blog post series about summer trends I want to wear. And I wouldn't mind wearing those exact outfits any day of this summer !!!


another outfit I wouldn't mind wearing now even though its 2 years ago. I remember that at the time I created it, Jeffrey Cambell Litas were all the rage, and I also wanted my own pair so bad... I have saved them to my polyvore in every color and style they made :) and I still don't have that kimono that I want so much... 


another fall outfit from 2 years ago, made of simple basic pieces with a little twist (such as red cowboy boots which I also own since last year :) ) for this fall I need to get a good leather jacket, because the one I had is completely broken and unwearable now.


another country girl fall outfit from last year


this one may not look too wintery, but conveys the atmosphere and feeling I usually get in winter. Bleek and harsh, which is what this outfit is to me, I still love it, but not the feeling that comes with it...

i scream :D

here is my spring outfit from this year. Pastel colours all the way, I even bought some pastel accessories and really made my spring cute and colorful...

black fringe

This picture represents my summer staples. Sandals, fringe bag, maxi dress, sunglasses


quite recent creation, also a bit fsll feel to it

Hope you liked my little tour of my polyvore profile