pondělí 29. prosince 2014

Monster Love

On Saturday I did little photoshoots with each of my monsters :) so much fun ...

neděle 7. prosince 2014

2nd Advent

Yesterday we baked gingerbread and I spent all afternoon and today morning decorating them. My hand is sore, but i think it was worth it. In this picture is only our share, we also baked for grandma - I decorated them yesterday and now we are headed to her place to deliver them :) 
Small pictures are my best favorite ones - moose which now has his leg broken (thanks mom :d), Nightmare bfore christmas inspired stars and simple angel. The heart I gave my boyfriend :) 

neděle 30. listopadu 2014

1st Advent

Just a quick post today, to show how we spent the first advent sunday - by decorating the house as we always do. This year we changed up a bit and didnt decorate the staircase, but made garlands above every door instead. I absolutely love the little deer head I bought yesterday in Tesco :) 

Have a nice Advent time everyone. I will be sharing more decorations as we add them :) 

čtvrtek 6. listopadu 2014

Dolly fun

have you ever matched with your doll ? :)

 trying out new couch (I made it)

welcome Skelita!

 velvet and tulle for Skelita

 I'll keep adding more cool stuff to their little habitat :)

středa 27. srpna 2014

Roadtrip - back to the crime scene...

Last year i blogged about a roadtrip we took with my bf, cousin and a friend. This year we decided to go back to the same place. We stayed in the same camp, but as a head planner I made sure we saw different things than last year. It was really awesome, i took a bunch of pictures and we had a good time. The weather was a bit colder, but I was the only one who noticed - the boys made fun of me for wearing so many layers but I was really happy in my onion costume :D 

Some nice pictures and memories were made that weekend :)

And here a little bonus shot, because if I told you you would never believe...

Yes that's right, we are making dinner on alu-cans :D because my beloved (this wonky little barbecue is from his house) forgot the grid that should hold the meat :D and as we had no other way to make our food, we had to improvise... I had to apologize to him, as I was angry that he drank 4 energy drinks, but if he didn't we wouldn't have anything to cook our dinner on :D 

pátek 15. srpna 2014

Summer random

Hello, Im alive :) I was so busy with having all the summertime fun, I completely  forgot about this space (and some other stuff :D ) Today Im leaving for a camping weekend, so in the little spare time I have between packing, I made these little collages :)

In the beginning of July we celebrated my sister's bachelor degree in Ostrava by visiting a zoo, yummy drinks, yummy food and fun :) 

Some stuff I bought over the summer, and what I made and what I wore :)

After Im back from the camping trip, I will share some pictures from the music festivals I been to this summer. I have some pictures but no time to see them at all :D Now excuse me, I have to go make a playlist for the super fun trip ahead of me ... 

středa 2. července 2014

Loose tooth

Im so excited for my new handbag. I mentioned it here, and today it arrived. I had it delivered to work, I was looking forward to it all morning, but it didn't so I thought after luch they will call me about the delivery time. I was so surprised when I came back from a delicious lunch and this was waiting on my chair <3 I cant wait to wear my new handbag all the time, I will cuddle with it and sleep with it and :D haha share my joy, have a look :) 

pondělí 30. června 2014

Fish Family

you can think this is a part two of my Punky fish post :) basically it is. On Saturday we went to visit their show in a nearby city. It was part of a memorial of a lady who lived there, organised by her children... Photos are not really good quality, but thats rock'n'roll bitches... :D 

we got these picks and badges, both me and my sister picked the same :) and we had our tits signed, but those pics stay in family archives :D 

sobota 28. června 2014

Little joys

I had a few really stressfull days at work last week, so I was really trying to enjoy the little things...

... like the fact that we got super cheap tickets for festival happening in August. Or that I found this pretty Frankie  Stein coffin filled with candy at a gas station...

and I ordered this Iron fist handbag for a great price <3 

neděle 22. června 2014

Mother of cities

Old Town Square 

I was planning to go to Prague for some time now, since I found out about Tim Burton exhibition. First I had no money :) then I had no time, now I made plans with my sister to go, but she had no time. So last week I decided I will go on my own. I called my cousin if I could sleep over at his house, he said yes and that was it. So after I finished work on Friday, I rushed home to pack a few essentials and get on the train. It took me three hours to get there, but it was well worth it. 

On Friday we went for a walk, the city wass full of partying people, everybody screaming and drunk and as we only wanted to get some beers and chat, we decided to go back to my cousin's part of town, more quiet. We went to a smaller pub for beers and that was it. On Saturday morning we woke up, went to KFC for breakfast :D and then to Tim Burton exhibition. It was awesome, but unfortunately photographing was not allowed... So we had to sink it in, we discussed almost every single sketch and puppet, it was really awesome... I also was inspired to take out my own sketchbook and draw again after a very long time...

me with Balloon Boy :) 

entrance to Tim Burton exhibition - last place allowed to photograph

After the exhibition I wanted to do some shopping and we were supposed to meet a friend in Palladium shopping centre. I went to a few selected shops (see below what I bought :D ), than our friend finally arrived and we went to a comic book store (I had my own TBBT moment while flipping through comic books :) I wish Id bought some ... ) and he told us about a farmers market nearby. We went there, smelled all the delicious food, ate some and then went for some beers again :D and after that, it was time for me to catch the train again... 

top- Ann Christine/skirt Ann Christine
top F&F/ring Ann Christine
sweatshirt H&M 

středa 11. června 2014

Style snaps

Here are some details of my outfits from last few days mostly before the heatwave attacked. Now Im barely able to function and all I can think about sitting in the office is cold shower :) But I made it my habit to take outfit pictures everyday before I leave for work, so here is a collection of some snaps I made with my tablet. I would add more, but some have harsh shades, some are blurred because Im moving around all the time and some are just crappy :D 

I have some exciting plans for the next few weeks so hopefully it will be the kick I need to get more into blogging again :) 

středa 28. května 2014

Family reunion

Every year, the last weekend of may is dedicated to a family reunion. This year it took place near the lovely town called Zlaté Hory (=golden mountains) its on the border with Poland and in the past they used to mine gold in there - clue is in the name :) 

my sister trying to ruin my picture... turned out quite good :) I love her face :D 

replica mills they used for making ore into brash to pan the gold from.. they are working and are used to do this every year before gold panning championship

family picture 

souvenirs - panned gold in a vial, pwetty stones :) 

pondělí 26. května 2014


Finally I had my other foot done. Last week but as I had some connection problems, Im only sharing it now... I love the way these turned out...

středa 14. května 2014


Last week work outfit, found pictures in dropbox (I take these with my tablet and they get automatically synced with dropbox, but I usually forget about them until I put something else in dropbox - like my camera pictures :P ) 
Im wearing my leopard print Baťa boots, bunch of black stuff and my No Fuckin Mercy tee from New yorker.