neděle 22. června 2014

Mother of cities

Old Town Square 

I was planning to go to Prague for some time now, since I found out about Tim Burton exhibition. First I had no money :) then I had no time, now I made plans with my sister to go, but she had no time. So last week I decided I will go on my own. I called my cousin if I could sleep over at his house, he said yes and that was it. So after I finished work on Friday, I rushed home to pack a few essentials and get on the train. It took me three hours to get there, but it was well worth it. 

On Friday we went for a walk, the city wass full of partying people, everybody screaming and drunk and as we only wanted to get some beers and chat, we decided to go back to my cousin's part of town, more quiet. We went to a smaller pub for beers and that was it. On Saturday morning we woke up, went to KFC for breakfast :D and then to Tim Burton exhibition. It was awesome, but unfortunately photographing was not allowed... So we had to sink it in, we discussed almost every single sketch and puppet, it was really awesome... I also was inspired to take out my own sketchbook and draw again after a very long time...

me with Balloon Boy :) 

entrance to Tim Burton exhibition - last place allowed to photograph

After the exhibition I wanted to do some shopping and we were supposed to meet a friend in Palladium shopping centre. I went to a few selected shops (see below what I bought :D ), than our friend finally arrived and we went to a comic book store (I had my own TBBT moment while flipping through comic books :) I wish Id bought some ... ) and he told us about a farmers market nearby. We went there, smelled all the delicious food, ate some and then went for some beers again :D and after that, it was time for me to catch the train again... 

top- Ann Christine/skirt Ann Christine
top F&F/ring Ann Christine
sweatshirt H&M