úterý 26. listopadu 2013

DIY: Symbolism Tee

I wanted to paint myself a pentagram t-shirt for a while. Two things that pushed me to do it were watching a great Czech movie and browsing through Killstar website :) 

 First I just painted it on with fabric paint and the tiniest brush I could find ... I let it dry and then cut of the sleeves, neckband and bottom hem. I like to do this because it makes the tee loosen up and feel more comfy :) 

The painting was already finished and dried and I was ready to wear the tee, but when I was cleaning up, I found this lace. I originally bought it last year, because I wanted to trim a cardigan with it. It wasn't looking too good so I never did that and the lace was just lying in my stash. So I decided to use it for pentagram. 

It was all pinned together as one continuous piece of lace and sewn on by hand, because my machine is  not a friend of lace! I love the outcome so much... And the best thing - super cheap transformation - the t-shirt cost me 25 CZK and that lace was about 3 CZK per metre, so maybe 35 CZK alltogether :) 

neděle 24. listopadu 2013


I used the leftover spikes from my spiked clutches to make a headband for myself. I made it with a strip of fake leather, hair tie and those spikes. easy peasy, if you want to toughen up your outfit, feel like a statue of Liberty or as a quick gift :) I made this (to match my party outfit) with gold spikes, now I'm torn whether to make another one in silver or to keep those silver studs for something else :) Definitely need more of them!!!

pátek 22. listopadu 2013


This beauty is my newest creation. I made two of these clutches for my sister and her friend :) I was really looking forward to making it for more than a month, I was just waiting for those spikes to arrive as I ordered them from China on ebay... I also took pictures of the studding process ... The sewing I suppose you can figure out on your own ;)

First I cut out the leatherette piece for the body of the bag, than I drew a frame on it with seam allowances and a smaller frame with marked stud positions just to make it perfectly centered. Also it worked out quite nicely, as the frame was split exactly into 1,5 cm pieces - stud positions means i didn't have to do any math to even them out :) 

I made all holes with this hole punch thingy :) and you can see the first screw in there...

I always pushed more screws through, because if I was working one by one, all the flipping would probably make me flip :D also, because I added glue on every screw to make sure they stay on, as the spikes would be enclosed in the lining and if any of them falls off I'd have to take it all apart...

 One is with silver and one with gold spikes, as they wished. The lining they wanted black, but when I saw this hot pink cotton I couldn't resist and my sister said she loves it so I'm happy I went with my feeling. There is also a small pink pocket for ID and money :) 
I'm just sad I didn't order more of those spikes because I really need to stud everything I own :) too bad I have to wait for another month ...

pondělí 18. listopadu 2013

Christmas wishlist

Earlier today when I was driving home I noticed there are already christmas decorations around my town. I didn't realize Christmas is just a month away :) I only have a gift for my sister (bought in September because it was just too cool to pass up :) And as my Mom keeps mentioning it, I also had to start thinking about what I want for christmas for myself :) I'm really lost this year. Usually by this time I already know what I want... I made a little wishlist of things that would make me happy, but I don't really need them :D 

christmas wishlist

*I'd really like one of those coats, I like the styles and my closet could use a nice long parka or something for when it gets really cold...

*Kindle has been on my wishlist for a long time, but it's just one of those things you don't really need. I just want to read more and with all the books on my list with over 600 pages it would make my life a lot lighter ;)

*I love those Topshop headphones, but my only chance to get them is probably asking my sister to buy them for me - she goes on a shopping trip to London in January, hopefully they will still be available :)
*If any of my relatives gives me money, I'm getting another tattoo for sure ... I already feel the buzz :)

sobota 9. listopadu 2013

DIY: Lace trim skirt

I'm really busy the last few weeks, I have no time to craft, draw or to do anything worth sharing :( Over the last week I managed to sneak a little DIY into my schedule. It was really simple, and if my sewing machine was working, it would also be really quick :)

I had this lace at home, I was planning to use it as a trim on a cardigan, but it didn't look so good when I pinned it  ... so it was just lying there, and I found it while cleaning. I decided to use it on this NEXT skirt, because it's a bit short, so just for the feeling of added length ;) I pinned it and started sewing on the machine, but it was tangling my thread into big messy bulks. I tried to change tension and everything, different speed, new needle, but nothing worked, I guess I will never be able to sew lace on my machine (unfortunate, as I wanted to sew a new evening dress ...) so I ended up sewing it by hand. This denim is a bitch, especially those big bulky seams where the panels meet. I was going to give up, but finally I finished :D 

I'm going to a concert and record release party tonight, so I might wear it :)