úterý 26. listopadu 2013

DIY: Symbolism Tee

I wanted to paint myself a pentagram t-shirt for a while. Two things that pushed me to do it were watching a great Czech movie and browsing through Killstar website :) 

 First I just painted it on with fabric paint and the tiniest brush I could find ... I let it dry and then cut of the sleeves, neckband and bottom hem. I like to do this because it makes the tee loosen up and feel more comfy :) 

The painting was already finished and dried and I was ready to wear the tee, but when I was cleaning up, I found this lace. I originally bought it last year, because I wanted to trim a cardigan with it. It wasn't looking too good so I never did that and the lace was just lying in my stash. So I decided to use it for pentagram. 

It was all pinned together as one continuous piece of lace and sewn on by hand, because my machine is  not a friend of lace! I love the outcome so much... And the best thing - super cheap transformation - the t-shirt cost me 25 CZK and that lace was about 3 CZK per metre, so maybe 35 CZK alltogether :)