neděle 1. prosince 2013

1st Advent Sunday

With the first Advent Sunday, it's time to start sharing our decor and Christmas inspired DIY :) I'm not making any decorations in advance, I just make whatever Mom asks me to or what I think would look nice in our home. That's the reason why I'm not sharing any DIYs now, because I don't have any yet :D For today I want to show you the pictures of our first decoration hung - the staircase leading to our apartment.

those two huge planters were on the balcony, maybe you remember them from this summer post. Mom and I brought them inside so they won't freeze over. Same with the small flower pots. And we decided to decorate them too :) I spend all morning doing this and the stairs :) I was wearing my Santa hat all the time and the neigbors passing around asked me for presents :D