středa 25. prosince 2013

Christmas Eve

Some pictures from yesterday. It was very nice and calm day full of TV stories (Penguins of Madagascar, Despicable me... :D ) and fun topped with yummy dinner, Christmas traditions and presents :) 

I bought extra long sparklers and we fired them on the balcony :)  

One of the traditions - put candles in nut shells and let them float. This should determine the length of your life, if it sinks you die soon. But luckily we all had ours floating until the very end... Happy lives ahead :)

I got some clothes, really lovely. 2 cool sweaters, awesome shoes I can't wait to wear, skeleton print leggings and sugar skull top from my sister. I also got a tablet, coat and some money.
The coat I got is very similar to the one from my christmas wishlist. So basically everything I wanted I got, except for the headphones, but I don't really need them, I just loved the way they looked...:)

I am very happy with how our Christmas day went on, I think that is how Christmas should be, with family and close ones, and although I had to go to work later, I had a nice day (I don't get the new emerging trend of people going to clubs on Christmas Eve, I believe it is meant to be spent with family and in many cases it's actually the only time of the year families spend together - not us, we are very close - but the club I work at was packed full until 6 am... ). I will share some more pictures of holiday traditions after I celebrate with my father. 

Hope all of you had a beautiful, peaceful Christmas