úterý 31. prosince 2013


Today I spent the afternoon with my friend getting another tattoo :) (number 6) We decided on it last Wednesday, when our friend came to the pub with a new tattoo :) we both had ideas and were waiting to make them permanent, we both had money saved and since she leaves on the 9th Jan, we wanted to do this together before she leaves. Luckily for us, the tattoo artist was free today :) He is great big dude with cool sense of humor and before he actually started tattooing, we spent an hour just chatting and laughing :D if you are interested in more of his work here is a link to his Facebook page.

stencil on yay 

the first buzz :) 

I was a bit scared because I heard many scary stories about tattooing over bones, but in the end, it wasn't as bad as I tought. I was distracted by my friend and the mister himself and only felt real pain a couple times near my toes and around the top... I will be getting a matching one on my other foot too:)

finished :) excuse my Donald Duck foot (mr. tattooer called it that :D :D :D ) 

If there are any Supernatural fans reading this, you may recognize the gun and the saying 'Non Timebo Mala'. It is the demon killing colt and these words are written on it... It's latin and means 'I shall fear no evil'. I really liked it since I first saw it on the show and yes, I am that kind of fangirl :D (my first tattoo was a Bob Marley and Zion related Lion of Judah :P ) I really like the meaning and the gun was supposed to be just a symbol, a reminder to keep fighting... I love it so much, the way it looks, I'm getting the same gun mirrored on my other foot with words 'Intus mihi vires' which means 'Strenght comes from within me'. I wanted to get those words with a rosary tied around my ankle, but this will look much more awesome and the meaning stays the same....

my friend getting her old tattoo fixed :)