pondělí 30. září 2013


Some more pictures saved from my camera memory card...

New macrame bracelet from thicker dark brown cord, I love those pendants :) 

A bit more delicate pairing, not usual for me :) Rose quartz,Crystal and Avanturine bracelets (btw, I already have a complete collection of chakra bracelets :D ) and feather pendant with Jade bead... 

I have finished the rest of my astrological sign bracelets during last week, some are already sold :) I love those colors together, but you can already see a camera malfunction...

sobota 28. září 2013

DIY: Bracelet roll

Yesterday I was at the flea market. I have no pictures of my display,  because I went there alone with just my crappy phone and friends came to see me later and the light was already bad for phone pictures... Nevermind, I show you one diy piece of my display, because I managed to save some pictures from my memory card (repairing my camera may take up to a month :( I hope I can borrow a camera from some friends or my sister :P otherwise this blog will be filled with webcam goofiness :D )

So, here's my DIY bracelet display with instructions how to make your own :)...

I started with a paper roll leftover after using up paper towels. I wrapped it in some paper, I used three large sheets of some random paper which I have lying around at home :) This was just to give the roll more volume, just like those rolls in stores have.

Next I took some black scrap and sewn a tube to fit the roll just nice. I made it a lot longer than needed so that I could tuck the ends in and not finish them. I did this because I may want to add some sort of support and before the flea market I had no time to figure that out :D 

And here's my bracelet roll with all my sign bracelets :) I don't have the collection complete anymore :) I sold some of them, I'm happy for it, because I love making them :D 

čtvrtek 26. září 2013


I was busy the last few days, school already started and some other stuff came up. Today I wanted to share some projects I did for the flea market and how Im going to display everything etc, but my camera broke down (again!!!) so I only have some crappy pictures not worth showing. Tomorrow my sister will let me use hers, so hopefully I can take some pictures and keep this blog alive :) I hope the camera disfunction doesn't last long... 

pátek 20. září 2013

Stocking up pt. 2

Another portion of my creations prepared for upcoming flea market. Those simple rings and earrings are my favorite, they are easy sellers  because they look so pretty and are inexpensive :) And I like to wear them myself (the lady in craft store was really shocked, she knows my style and never would guess me to wear them :D )

čtvrtek 19. září 2013

Second hand goodness

Today my Mom sent me to buy lunch and bring it to work for her :) As I was already outside and the weather was nice, I decided to go have a look in some thrift shops... I went to the one where they sell by weight, and here is what I got... for little over 100 CZK :)

the store owner had this sweater on her chair. I asked if it fell from display or if it was her own. She said she wears it when she gets cold, but it's for sale and she gets another one if I want it :) so yay :) the sleeves are super long, which I really like and the color is great to get me through gloomy winter days :) 

This sweater is a awesome color, which my camera wasn t capable of capturing... it's minty green/gray with tiny strands of red in it... 

and finally, this great sweatshirt. It's great rusty color (my favorite one the last few weeks) nice pattern, and elbow patches! I love elbow patches, I see them on many people, but I was never able to find anything with them :( so I'm searching thrift shops for suede stuff to cut up into patches and revamp all my cardigans :)

středa 18. září 2013

New in - fall edition

As the weather gets darker, so does my style, so this shopping trip reflected all of it ... I finally gave in to the cross trend (does my tote bag count? ) and also bought some gloves...

Oversize cross sweater to go with my boots :D 

Finally I found a sheer sleeveless shirt, I will wear it to all the parties I go to this winter :) and such a great sale price (70 CZK) 

Cross print infinity scarf and 2 pairs of gloves, red ones to go with my fur, and the other pair to be studded :) 

úterý 17. září 2013

Stocking up

As I mentioned before, I am going to a flea market next week. Yesterday I went to stock up on some components and also picked up some waxed cord and astrological sign pendants. I already used one here for my personal bracelet. Yesterday I bought all of them, but as i wanted to match the colors to those that are assigned with each sign, I was only able to finish these few. On Monday I will pick up some more colors in another shop ;) 
All of the bracelets are for sale on my facebook page

I really love this Pisces bracelet, it's a beautiful turquoise color, I wish it was my sign :) 

pondělí 16. září 2013


In the last post I mentioned a flea market coming up. Yesterday I took out my pliers and jewellery supplies and got creating. I have some stuff unfinished, need to buy some more things to finish a few pieces etc... These are some finished simple charm earrings, they are the best sellers on every flea, because they are quite cheap, easy to match to any outfit and you can make a great variety. And also they are a good stash buster :) All of these pendants are leftovers from other projects, except for the motorbikes, those i bought to make earrings, because I have a piercing (belly but worn in ear) with the exact same bike :) 
Today I'm going to get some supplies, especially some wax cords for bracelets, and I will share more :) 

sobota 14. září 2013


I was busy the last few days with work, catching up with friends and life in general :) Today, finally I had a day off, so I spent it helping my Mom clean our apartment, then we went for lunch ( Mexican restaurant, yum) and shopping. Next month I'll celebrate my birthday, and as Fall/winter stuff is already sold in stores, my Mom decided to give me a birthday gift a month too early :D and she bought me some other stuff too, such as socks, hair ties and tiny necessities ;) 

I absolutely love this pillow, even though I have so many of them, I might need a bigger bed soon :D (but still there are so many pillows Id like to have) they also had a second version with the owl's body made of tweed, I might need that one too :D  

Mom bought me those cute socks, because our washing mashine seems to be eating them (does it happen to anyone else ? :D ) and I got the current issue of Burda. There are some pretty patterns that I want to sew for Fall, so I need to plan a trip to a fabric store :) 

And finally, my early birthday gift.... It was love at first sight... I'm speechless, those are the ultimate dream boots, I already have a milion outfits planned with them, hopefully I will be able to capture some of them :)

Two weeks for now there's a flea market in my town, so if the weather allows I will go and sell some of my creations :) Tomorrow and the next few days will be filled with crafting and creating :) Get ready to see a lot of earrings and stuff :D 

úterý 10. září 2013

Handmade beanie

Since the weather got colder and I finished my 2nd handbag project, I decided to start crocheting some winter stuff :) started with beanie (although in the first picture its hard to see, bad idea to crochet black beanie if you have black hair :) In pictures I want to show you how I did it...

First I bought a larger hook (size 6 I think) to make the loops larger. I started with basic chain and single crochet stitch all the way. On top you can see where I left out some loops to give the top some more shape (but it doesn't make a difference, if you do it at home, don't bother with it, just crochet a rectangle :)  

Connect both shorter sides with slip stitch and tie the ends...

Take a piece of your yarn and string it through the loops of the last row. Pull it together to close and tie...

Take stupid selfies with your Photobooth :D 


pondělí 9. září 2013

DIY: Deity

One of the tees I bought in thrift store to paint on. This time I used pastel dye and not the paintbrush (really messy if you're me) kind :) I like the colours and the fact that it's quick and easy to paint, no need to wait until it dries, but the pastels are like wax crayons, you can't get into much detail. Problem if you want to create anything inspired by Indian culture !!! but I still like the way it turned out, and even though my Buddha eyes tee will get more wear (easier to mix with everything), I have some pieces to go with this as well :) 

I traced the basic outline so that I had nice proportions, then I removed the paper and just drew :) Thank god for my magic wood board, it's great for everything, cutting, making holes into stuff, painting... great heritage... 

After drawing and ironing my picture, I cut off the sleeves and neckline again :) and the bottom hem too. This is like a trademark of mine... :)

pátek 6. září 2013

Thrift store

yesterday I went to a thrift store to get more plain tees to paint on ;) I got 2 of them for 10 CZK. Also, I found a piece of fake fur, piece of coca-cola print cotton fabric and crochet throw - I will turn it into a vest.

úterý 3. září 2013


Pasta with ricotta cheese and zuccini, pork meat, tomatoes 

Chicken filled pasta with cheese and ketchup 

Absolute heaven! Corn, green beans with bacon, chicken, mashed potatoes, veggies 

pondělí 2. září 2013

Edited: Boho skirt restyle

I found this skirt in a thrift shop a few years ago. At that time I loved the length, it was mid calf, really weird... I didn't wear it for maybe 2 years, and two months ago I found it somewehere :D I wore it twice since, belted as a dress and intended to keep it that way. But a friend of mine, who is really honest (sometimes too much) told me it looks bad... But as I fell in love with the print all over again, I didn't want to give it up... 

I bought some elastic, snipped off the top part right under the side zipper, ruched it and sewn it together. Now I have a pretty updated skirt that I can wear until it gets too cold :) those colors fit perfectly into my fall color scheme :)

8.9. 2013: I created a turban style headband from the leftover fabric. I can't decide if I want to wear them together or no :) I need to try...

neděle 1. září 2013

DIY: Eyes of wisdom

This is the last of my DIY projects. Recently I went to a cheap clothes shop (KIK) and they had plain t-shirts for 1 Euro. I bought two with an intention to paint or do something to them. This is the first one (and I may be going back for more tees :D)

I started with finding a picture I liked. I wanted something graphic and simple  because I thought I only had black fabric paint (not true) The picture I used is exactly this one. I printed it out on A4 paper and cut out the pieces to make sure the placement would be right. Then I simply painted it with a brush and black paint, I didn't dilute it with water to make the black really strong.

After the painting was dry, I cut off all the hems and pulled to roll them. Last step I did was catching the sleeve with a thread to ruche it and make it more feminine...  

 Of course I had to wear it right away, simply with jeans, kimono style cardigan some rings and black boots