pondělí 2. září 2013

Edited: Boho skirt restyle

I found this skirt in a thrift shop a few years ago. At that time I loved the length, it was mid calf, really weird... I didn't wear it for maybe 2 years, and two months ago I found it somewehere :D I wore it twice since, belted as a dress and intended to keep it that way. But a friend of mine, who is really honest (sometimes too much) told me it looks bad... But as I fell in love with the print all over again, I didn't want to give it up... 

I bought some elastic, snipped off the top part right under the side zipper, ruched it and sewn it together. Now I have a pretty updated skirt that I can wear until it gets too cold :) those colors fit perfectly into my fall color scheme :)

8.9. 2013: I created a turban style headband from the leftover fabric. I can't decide if I want to wear them together or no :) I need to try...