neděle 1. září 2013

DIY: Eyes of wisdom

This is the last of my DIY projects. Recently I went to a cheap clothes shop (KIK) and they had plain t-shirts for 1 Euro. I bought two with an intention to paint or do something to them. This is the first one (and I may be going back for more tees :D)

I started with finding a picture I liked. I wanted something graphic and simple  because I thought I only had black fabric paint (not true) The picture I used is exactly this one. I printed it out on A4 paper and cut out the pieces to make sure the placement would be right. Then I simply painted it with a brush and black paint, I didn't dilute it with water to make the black really strong.

After the painting was dry, I cut off all the hems and pulled to roll them. Last step I did was catching the sleeve with a thread to ruche it and make it more feminine...  

 Of course I had to wear it right away, simply with jeans, kimono style cardigan some rings and black boots