sobota 14. září 2013


I was busy the last few days with work, catching up with friends and life in general :) Today, finally I had a day off, so I spent it helping my Mom clean our apartment, then we went for lunch ( Mexican restaurant, yum) and shopping. Next month I'll celebrate my birthday, and as Fall/winter stuff is already sold in stores, my Mom decided to give me a birthday gift a month too early :D and she bought me some other stuff too, such as socks, hair ties and tiny necessities ;) 

I absolutely love this pillow, even though I have so many of them, I might need a bigger bed soon :D (but still there are so many pillows Id like to have) they also had a second version with the owl's body made of tweed, I might need that one too :D  

Mom bought me those cute socks, because our washing mashine seems to be eating them (does it happen to anyone else ? :D ) and I got the current issue of Burda. There are some pretty patterns that I want to sew for Fall, so I need to plan a trip to a fabric store :) 

And finally, my early birthday gift.... It was love at first sight... I'm speechless, those are the ultimate dream boots, I already have a milion outfits planned with them, hopefully I will be able to capture some of them :)

Two weeks for now there's a flea market in my town, so if the weather allows I will go and sell some of my creations :) Tomorrow and the next few days will be filled with crafting and creating :) Get ready to see a lot of earrings and stuff :D