čtvrtek 19. září 2013

Second hand goodness

Today my Mom sent me to buy lunch and bring it to work for her :) As I was already outside and the weather was nice, I decided to go have a look in some thrift shops... I went to the one where they sell by weight, and here is what I got... for little over 100 CZK :)

the store owner had this sweater on her chair. I asked if it fell from display or if it was her own. She said she wears it when she gets cold, but it's for sale and she gets another one if I want it :) so yay :) the sleeves are super long, which I really like and the color is great to get me through gloomy winter days :) 

This sweater is a awesome color, which my camera wasn t capable of capturing... it's minty green/gray with tiny strands of red in it... 

and finally, this great sweatshirt. It's great rusty color (my favorite one the last few weeks) nice pattern, and elbow patches! I love elbow patches, I see them on many people, but I was never able to find anything with them :( so I'm searching thrift shops for suede stuff to cut up into patches and revamp all my cardigans :)