sobota 28. září 2013

DIY: Bracelet roll

Yesterday I was at the flea market. I have no pictures of my display,  because I went there alone with just my crappy phone and friends came to see me later and the light was already bad for phone pictures... Nevermind, I show you one diy piece of my display, because I managed to save some pictures from my memory card (repairing my camera may take up to a month :( I hope I can borrow a camera from some friends or my sister :P otherwise this blog will be filled with webcam goofiness :D )

So, here's my DIY bracelet display with instructions how to make your own :)...

I started with a paper roll leftover after using up paper towels. I wrapped it in some paper, I used three large sheets of some random paper which I have lying around at home :) This was just to give the roll more volume, just like those rolls in stores have.

Next I took some black scrap and sewn a tube to fit the roll just nice. I made it a lot longer than needed so that I could tuck the ends in and not finish them. I did this because I may want to add some sort of support and before the flea market I had no time to figure that out :D 

And here's my bracelet roll with all my sign bracelets :) I don't have the collection complete anymore :) I sold some of them, I'm happy for it, because I love making them :D