středa 28. května 2014

Family reunion

Every year, the last weekend of may is dedicated to a family reunion. This year it took place near the lovely town called Zlaté Hory (=golden mountains) its on the border with Poland and in the past they used to mine gold in there - clue is in the name :) 

my sister trying to ruin my picture... turned out quite good :) I love her face :D 

replica mills they used for making ore into brash to pan the gold from.. they are working and are used to do this every year before gold panning championship

family picture 

souvenirs - panned gold in a vial, pwetty stones :) 

pondělí 26. května 2014


Finally I had my other foot done. Last week but as I had some connection problems, Im only sharing it now... I love the way these turned out...

středa 14. května 2014


Last week work outfit, found pictures in dropbox (I take these with my tablet and they get automatically synced with dropbox, but I usually forget about them until I put something else in dropbox - like my camera pictures :P ) 
Im wearing my leopard print Baťa boots, bunch of black stuff and my No Fuckin Mercy tee from New yorker.

pondělí 12. května 2014

Quick fixes

Today I want to share two little hacks, I cant even call them DIYs :D 

First is a t-shirt hack, I've seen it somewhere on the internet, but who knows where... This is the back of my tee, i cut little straight lines over the back and it looks great. Excuse the chalk marks, I was excited to take pictures :) This was planned for a couple weeks now, but I just didnt have time... Well it took maybe 20 minutes... :P I cut the sleeves into thin strips which now fall nicely from my shoulders, and I added black triangular studs to the last row of holes....

Todays second hack is this patch jacket turned into a vest. You may remember my post about this jacket from last year (too lazy to look it up :P) I was planning to have many more patches on it by this time, but I didn't find any Id like to add :) I cut off the sleeves as close to the seams as I could and as I collected a bunch of new band pins I added them to it (not pictured)...

Do these count as DIYs ? :) I dont know, I dont care, I like it :) 

sobota 3. května 2014