pondělí 12. května 2014

Quick fixes

Today I want to share two little hacks, I cant even call them DIYs :D 

First is a t-shirt hack, I've seen it somewhere on the internet, but who knows where... This is the back of my tee, i cut little straight lines over the back and it looks great. Excuse the chalk marks, I was excited to take pictures :) This was planned for a couple weeks now, but I just didnt have time... Well it took maybe 20 minutes... :P I cut the sleeves into thin strips which now fall nicely from my shoulders, and I added black triangular studs to the last row of holes....

Todays second hack is this patch jacket turned into a vest. You may remember my post about this jacket from last year (too lazy to look it up :P) I was planning to have many more patches on it by this time, but I didn't find any Id like to add :) I cut off the sleeves as close to the seams as I could and as I collected a bunch of new band pins I added them to it (not pictured)...

Do these count as DIYs ? :) I dont know, I dont care, I like it :) 

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