čtvrtek 23. ledna 2014

DIY: Bloodsucker :)

My sister had this idea for a t-shirt she wanted to make for her boyfriend (who I hear is a big vampire fan :D ) and she asked me to help her with it :) it's inspired by some picture she found on the internet :D  (haha so much for credits :D :D :D - source google :D ) Last time we worked on something like this together was back in high school where we made a creepy crime scene outline figure :P 

She picked a fancy font in which to do the writing, but then she wanted to add the blood-like red stains so I talked her into using simple and classic Times :D we wrote it in OpenOffice, then printed out and traced lightly onto the shirt... no rocket science there... 

First she had me paint the red bloody stains because she thought she would mess it up (that was the point I guess, but well :D, I did it...)  and then we did the black :) 


In the end she wanted me to add some red splashes around... this in my opinion makes it almost a zombie walk t-shirt, but she has what she asked for :D I like it, and if there ever is a zombiewalk event again, I think we'll have so much fun making our costumes :D 
I hope to have a picture of her bf wearing this very soon, so I can add the picture here :D 

sobota 11. ledna 2014

DIY: T-shirt hack

One day last week i was cleaning my closet. During the process I found some stray socks :D and also some stuff I put aside to alter or do something else with. One of those things was this tee. I used to love it some time back, I basically lived in it. But as my style and preference changed, I didn't like how boxy it so I put it away. I intended to ask my friend who owns a serger to alter it for me or let me use it for a while, but then forgot about it completely. And as she moved away, this was no longer an option. 
I remember some time ago I saw this tutorial on some craft site, so this is not an original idea, but I don't remember which site it was :)

I started with cutting off the sleeves and neckline as usual. Then I cut through the shoulder seams and got what you see below.

Next thing to do is twist the upper part of the backside and sew the shoulder seams back together. Easy as that! 

Very pretty and ready for summer... if it ever comes this year :/ 

středa 8. ledna 2014

New look

Did you notice I changed the look of my blog ? :D When I was making the last design, I loved those colors I picked, but I grew tired of them, so I decided to go back to black :D The first theme I remember here on this blog was barb wire background and punky font header... I wanted something nice but not too sweet, and came up with this. 
I also added some new widgets and stuff, such as infinite scrolling which in my opinion is much more convenient than clicking to browse back :)  I also moved the column to the right because it is less distracting and your eye goes naturally to the post first.
I made all of my graphics in PicMonkey. I love it and use it for most of my photo editing and collages :) 
I originally wanted to have this change done for the blog anniversary next week, but my schedule is slowly filling up and I'm glad I did it now, as it took me a good couple hours to complete and I was reaaaally tired of the old look :)

farewell to the old design 

let me know what are your thoughts on the new design, and if everything works properly :) thx

Sew tiny!

As you may know, I got kind of obsessed with my new Monster High doll :D (not childish at all, after some research I found there are many adults obsessed with customizing and creating their own dolls, even naming them, photoshooting with them ... :P )
Well, while I was organizing my sewing supplies and going through my patterns, I stumbled upon some leftover lace (from spring when I was obsessed with sewing it on socks :D ) and my basket of fabric leftovers, so I decided to sew for my super cool Operetta the Monster :) And as my five year old sister also got her Monster high - Draculaura, I decided I could sew a dress for her too :) 
This dress you see here is actually meant for Draculaura, as her color theme is pink and black. This pink fabric is cotton I used to line my sister's spiky clutch and when I saw it in the basket I knew I had to use it :D 

To make the dress I first measured some parts of the doll's body such as waist (1 cm diameter - envy!), body length and some more. I started with a circle just as if I was making a circle skirt for myself.Then I cut it out into hexagon to make it all spiderweb shaped.  I was going to embroider the spiderweb on, but I need to get rid of my black fabric paint so it doesn't dry out, so I ended up painting it on. It turned out quite cool i think ;) Next I sew lace all around the diameter. I cut a slightly bigger circle of stiff tulle for an underskirt and basted them together. 
Next I made a bodice, I only measured the length and eyeballed the rest (these dolls are really monstrous in proportion, they have super tiny waist and boobs the same width as hips...). The bodice looked a bit plain so I added a strip of lace on top as well. 
The worst part was attaching a velcro to the back! pain in the ass, but unfortunately it's necessary for the dresses to be wearable :( It's a bit weird, I'm ashamed to say I had no idea how to sew it in, so the result is the back part of the dress sticks out a bit. Thank god for Draculaura's long hair to cover it :D 

As I was in the making already, I decided to make a little matching hairbow for my sweet sister to wear. I hope she likes it as much as I do :D 

Stay tuned for what I have planned for my Operetta :D (and don't worry, this is not turning into a doll blog....maybe :D :D :D ) 

pondělí 6. ledna 2014

Top 5 DIY projects of 2013

As this blog is mostly DIY and craft oriented, I decided to share my best favorite projects from last year. I chose by my own preference, not by the number of hits at each post :)

5. This pillow was my favorite evening project this spring. It was back when we didn't have internet connection, and while my darling was spending time outside with his friends, I was sitting on the floor of our tiny bedroom, cutting squares, sewing them together and finally quilting... It was made from an old bedsheet, and at first I was really happy when my squares were aligned in the corners :) the quilting itself was a bit worse, as you can see :D I need to work on that this year...

4. 2013 was clearly my year for making bags :) I have always loved tote bags, they are a great blank canvas for customization, and as my local craft store started selling them I made a lot of them :D (Darth Vader, Indian chief...) but these two got the most wear and as they are both my favorite it was a tie, so I included both :) The owl is hand embroidered and really sturdy, great for library trips, and the cross one was my go-to all spring and granted me a huge amount of indignant stares :D 

3. My crocheted beanie is the most useful thing I made this year. Although the winter has been mild so far, I like to keep my head warm and my hair away from my face :) I have many berets and beanies, but  I have mostly been wearing this one so far :) 

2. These spiky clutches were made for my sister and her friend :) It was my second time sewing with fake leather, and I believe it was quite successful. My crazy sister broke a zipper on hers the day I finished them when we went to a club wearing them, so I have that one to pick apart and redo really looking forward to it :P thanks sis :/ ... but well, I think these clutches turned out well, I had great fun making them and recieving compliments on them :D 

1. My handmade handbag is my most favorite project of this past year. I made it in October, and haven't worn any other ever since! It goes great with all my clothes and shoes and the fact I made it myself is just a cherry on top. Of course there are a couple things I could have done differently, But I will wear this bag until the day it breaks apart, and the very same day I will make a new one :D Is it bad to love something you made so much ? Whatever I don't even care :D 

pátek 3. ledna 2014

New Year's Eve

Some pictures from the last night of 2013... We spent it in a pub with a huge table to ourselves, we danced,we argued a bit, we drank a lot :)