sobota 11. ledna 2014

DIY: T-shirt hack

One day last week i was cleaning my closet. During the process I found some stray socks :D and also some stuff I put aside to alter or do something else with. One of those things was this tee. I used to love it some time back, I basically lived in it. But as my style and preference changed, I didn't like how boxy it so I put it away. I intended to ask my friend who owns a serger to alter it for me or let me use it for a while, but then forgot about it completely. And as she moved away, this was no longer an option. 
I remember some time ago I saw this tutorial on some craft site, so this is not an original idea, but I don't remember which site it was :)

I started with cutting off the sleeves and neckline as usual. Then I cut through the shoulder seams and got what you see below.

Next thing to do is twist the upper part of the backside and sew the shoulder seams back together. Easy as that! 

Very pretty and ready for summer... if it ever comes this year :/