středa 8. ledna 2014

New look

Did you notice I changed the look of my blog ? :D When I was making the last design, I loved those colors I picked, but I grew tired of them, so I decided to go back to black :D The first theme I remember here on this blog was barb wire background and punky font header... I wanted something nice but not too sweet, and came up with this. 
I also added some new widgets and stuff, such as infinite scrolling which in my opinion is much more convenient than clicking to browse back :)  I also moved the column to the right because it is less distracting and your eye goes naturally to the post first.
I made all of my graphics in PicMonkey. I love it and use it for most of my photo editing and collages :) 
I originally wanted to have this change done for the blog anniversary next week, but my schedule is slowly filling up and I'm glad I did it now, as it took me a good couple hours to complete and I was reaaaally tired of the old look :)

farewell to the old design 

let me know what are your thoughts on the new design, and if everything works properly :) thx