středa 8. ledna 2014

Sew tiny!

As you may know, I got kind of obsessed with my new Monster High doll :D (not childish at all, after some research I found there are many adults obsessed with customizing and creating their own dolls, even naming them, photoshooting with them ... :P )
Well, while I was organizing my sewing supplies and going through my patterns, I stumbled upon some leftover lace (from spring when I was obsessed with sewing it on socks :D ) and my basket of fabric leftovers, so I decided to sew for my super cool Operetta the Monster :) And as my five year old sister also got her Monster high - Draculaura, I decided I could sew a dress for her too :) 
This dress you see here is actually meant for Draculaura, as her color theme is pink and black. This pink fabric is cotton I used to line my sister's spiky clutch and when I saw it in the basket I knew I had to use it :D 

To make the dress I first measured some parts of the doll's body such as waist (1 cm diameter - envy!), body length and some more. I started with a circle just as if I was making a circle skirt for myself.Then I cut it out into hexagon to make it all spiderweb shaped.  I was going to embroider the spiderweb on, but I need to get rid of my black fabric paint so it doesn't dry out, so I ended up painting it on. It turned out quite cool i think ;) Next I sew lace all around the diameter. I cut a slightly bigger circle of stiff tulle for an underskirt and basted them together. 
Next I made a bodice, I only measured the length and eyeballed the rest (these dolls are really monstrous in proportion, they have super tiny waist and boobs the same width as hips...). The bodice looked a bit plain so I added a strip of lace on top as well. 
The worst part was attaching a velcro to the back! pain in the ass, but unfortunately it's necessary for the dresses to be wearable :( It's a bit weird, I'm ashamed to say I had no idea how to sew it in, so the result is the back part of the dress sticks out a bit. Thank god for Draculaura's long hair to cover it :D 

As I was in the making already, I decided to make a little matching hairbow for my sweet sister to wear. I hope she likes it as much as I do :D 

Stay tuned for what I have planned for my Operetta :D (and don't worry, this is not turning into a doll blog....maybe :D :D :D )