pondělí 6. ledna 2014

Top 5 DIY projects of 2013

As this blog is mostly DIY and craft oriented, I decided to share my best favorite projects from last year. I chose by my own preference, not by the number of hits at each post :)

5. This pillow was my favorite evening project this spring. It was back when we didn't have internet connection, and while my darling was spending time outside with his friends, I was sitting on the floor of our tiny bedroom, cutting squares, sewing them together and finally quilting... It was made from an old bedsheet, and at first I was really happy when my squares were aligned in the corners :) the quilting itself was a bit worse, as you can see :D I need to work on that this year...

4. 2013 was clearly my year for making bags :) I have always loved tote bags, they are a great blank canvas for customization, and as my local craft store started selling them I made a lot of them :D (Darth Vader, Indian chief...) but these two got the most wear and as they are both my favorite it was a tie, so I included both :) The owl is hand embroidered and really sturdy, great for library trips, and the cross one was my go-to all spring and granted me a huge amount of indignant stares :D 

3. My crocheted beanie is the most useful thing I made this year. Although the winter has been mild so far, I like to keep my head warm and my hair away from my face :) I have many berets and beanies, but  I have mostly been wearing this one so far :) 

2. These spiky clutches were made for my sister and her friend :) It was my second time sewing with fake leather, and I believe it was quite successful. My crazy sister broke a zipper on hers the day I finished them when we went to a club wearing them, so I have that one to pick apart and redo really looking forward to it :P thanks sis :/ ... but well, I think these clutches turned out well, I had great fun making them and recieving compliments on them :D 

1. My handmade handbag is my most favorite project of this past year. I made it in October, and haven't worn any other ever since! It goes great with all my clothes and shoes and the fact I made it myself is just a cherry on top. Of course there are a couple things I could have done differently, But I will wear this bag until the day it breaks apart, and the very same day I will make a new one :D Is it bad to love something you made so much ? Whatever I don't even care :D