čtvrtek 23. ledna 2014

DIY: Bloodsucker :)

My sister had this idea for a t-shirt she wanted to make for her boyfriend (who I hear is a big vampire fan :D ) and she asked me to help her with it :) it's inspired by some picture she found on the internet :D  (haha so much for credits :D :D :D - source google :D ) Last time we worked on something like this together was back in high school where we made a creepy crime scene outline figure :P 

She picked a fancy font in which to do the writing, but then she wanted to add the blood-like red stains so I talked her into using simple and classic Times :D we wrote it in OpenOffice, then printed out and traced lightly onto the shirt... no rocket science there... 

First she had me paint the red bloody stains because she thought she would mess it up (that was the point I guess, but well :D, I did it...)  and then we did the black :) 


In the end she wanted me to add some red splashes around... this in my opinion makes it almost a zombie walk t-shirt, but she has what she asked for :D I like it, and if there ever is a zombiewalk event again, I think we'll have so much fun making our costumes :D 
I hope to have a picture of her bf wearing this very soon, so I can add the picture here :D