pátek 7. února 2014

Reading: Darren Shan Saga

When I got my tablet for Christmas, I was really happy that I could finally start reading more. I did a research of good reading apps. A friend of mine recommended Aldiko for reading and Calibre for format conversions and editing. They are both really good and easy to use even for an app retard like me :D Also, I joined Goodreads to get more book tips ;)

The first book I decided to read was Cirque du Freak by Darren Shan. I got really hooked on it and read the whole 12 book saga in two weeks :) Although I read on some websites it's considered a childrens book, I loved it and I already obtained some more books by D. Shan :) 

P.S.: If you are planning to read the books, don't watch the 2009 movie Cirque du Freak. Although it's not really bad, it will spoil the plot of later books for you...