středa 26. února 2014

First roadtrip of 2014 ...

On Monday we had really beautiful weather, sun all day and 15°C, and I wanted to make good use of it. My boyfriend was off work, so we called a friend and my cousin and took a little trip. We drove around 30 km to a place where I worked my summer job, parked the car there and climbed up to a ruin of a castle. It's called Maiden castle because according to some legends they used to seal young maidens into walls for protection... 

the footpath... this one was nice, but you should see the hill we climbed to get onto it :)  
I was too tired I forgot to take pictures :D 

looking down on the village of Pavlov and the dam  

pretty snowdrops were everywhere along the path 

my cousin - the ninja 

We already arranged to go for another trip somewhere else if the weather allows for it next week. It's a much needed change after spending evenings hanging out in parking lots... :) and much healthier too...