úterý 11. února 2014

Jewellery making

In the last couple of days I made some new jewellery. I wanted to make something for my secondary school ball in March, so I picked up some black faceted beads and other stuff I didn't use for some time. I got kinda carried away, and instead of making something to go with my LBD I made these...

I call this necklace The Black Dahlia. It's made with two metal cutouts glued together to form the ornament, dahlia cabochon, teardrop beads and two types of chain. I need to get some blouse to wear it with :) it's for sale if anyone is interested :)

I was recently looking at a lot of gothic inspired jewellery and kinda wanted to make my own choker. I had this lacy ribbon at home and all I needed to buy were those clasps to put the ends in. I'm thinking about adding dainty silver chain to hang the same way as it does on the necklace above.

I really like this necklace, although it was a bitch to put together, opening all those jump rings, eye pins, closing it all :) I love the color of these red faceted glass beads. If I get my hands on some nice red clutch, this may be the one I'll wear to the ball.

These components were originally meant to be earrings, but as I had them spread on the table I thought a bracelet could look nice. I have some more of these so I can make them into earrings and have a set :) 

I absolutely love this necklace. Those flowers are metal cutouts. They have a tiny hole in the middle, perfect to screw in a spike (leftovers from my spiky clutches) I'm really thinking to wear this one to the Ball, because it's edgy and spiky, but still quite simple, so it would go great with LBD. 

All of these are available for sale, I still have material for all :)