sobota 9. listopadu 2013

DIY: Lace trim skirt

I'm really busy the last few weeks, I have no time to craft, draw or to do anything worth sharing :( Over the last week I managed to sneak a little DIY into my schedule. It was really simple, and if my sewing machine was working, it would also be really quick :)

I had this lace at home, I was planning to use it as a trim on a cardigan, but it didn't look so good when I pinned it  ... so it was just lying there, and I found it while cleaning. I decided to use it on this NEXT skirt, because it's a bit short, so just for the feeling of added length ;) I pinned it and started sewing on the machine, but it was tangling my thread into big messy bulks. I tried to change tension and everything, different speed, new needle, but nothing worked, I guess I will never be able to sew lace on my machine (unfortunate, as I wanted to sew a new evening dress ...) so I ended up sewing it by hand. This denim is a bitch, especially those big bulky seams where the panels meet. I was going to give up, but finally I finished :D 

I'm going to a concert and record release party tonight, so I might wear it :) 

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