pondělí 18. listopadu 2013

Christmas wishlist

Earlier today when I was driving home I noticed there are already christmas decorations around my town. I didn't realize Christmas is just a month away :) I only have a gift for my sister (bought in September because it was just too cool to pass up :) And as my Mom keeps mentioning it, I also had to start thinking about what I want for christmas for myself :) I'm really lost this year. Usually by this time I already know what I want... I made a little wishlist of things that would make me happy, but I don't really need them :D 

christmas wishlist

*I'd really like one of those coats, I like the styles and my closet could use a nice long parka or something for when it gets really cold...

*Kindle has been on my wishlist for a long time, but it's just one of those things you don't really need. I just want to read more and with all the books on my list with over 600 pages it would make my life a lot lighter ;)

*I love those Topshop headphones, but my only chance to get them is probably asking my sister to buy them for me - she goes on a shopping trip to London in January, hopefully they will still be available :)
*If any of my relatives gives me money, I'm getting another tattoo for sure ... I already feel the buzz :)