pátek 23. srpna 2013

Energy flow

Recently I started to learn more about more spiritual topics. I have always been fascinated by astrology, chakras, meditations, healing stones and stuff, but never really dug into it. My boyfriend's mother is a valuable source of books, advice and knowlege about many of these things.... I'm excited to have new hobby to study, and hope to soon share my knowledge on some of these topics :) So far I'm going to show you a picture of my own chakra bracelet (above) - I didn't make it, I bought it on our roadtrip. And I painted some stones with colors and symbols of each chakras. I have been collecting stones through the summer when we went swimming, and I decorated them this way :) They have no other purpose, just to look pretty on a shelf :)

This book about gemstones and their health benefits has been my go to all sumer, and also when picking gifts for my close ones... Pity I have to return it soon...

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