čtvrtek 15. srpna 2013

Dreaming of fabric

I haven't been sewing for sooo long... I really miss it. Last time I did the lining for my crochet handbag, but that's not really challenging :) I would love to sew a fall corduroy skirt, and some tops, but now I want to show you some of my bookmarked fabrics for my dream garments, disregarding the season ahead :) 

This fiesta fabric would be perfect for a headscarf and some full skirt I'd pair it with a blouse and wrap flowers and scarf into my hair - Frida kahlo style...

I want to make cosmetic bags and luggage tags from this one, love it...

this pretty fluffy fabric in this exact shade would be great for a bathrobe or a sweatshirt for my Mom :) 
All of the above can be found here

I've been lusting after these two for a while, I would mix them with some matching solids and make a panelled maxi dress...

Also this one has been on my wishlist for a while. Perfect for psychobilly dress, I actually have seen them ready made (Too fast clothing? I'm not sure...) but prefer to make my own...And the fabric is on sale now so I'm really thinking about it...
All of the above can be found here
I am sooo excited with these two... And there are more star wars fabrics, I had to hold back not to copy all of them here :D I don't know what I would make of these, but I know I need to have them!!!!

This one would be turned into a dress and maybe some more stuff for my sister. She could cover her whole world in it, she is a huge HK lover...and 20yrs old :D :D :D

I would love to make car seat covers with this one, even though it's not too practical :) 

I added this one just because I like it, no idea what to do with it...

I sooo adore this one, would be perfect for slouchy boho pants to live in through summer...

I can see this one turned into a 3/4circle skirt with a sash or a belt to tie into a bow 

This tattoo fabric would be really pretty turned into a rockabilly dress, but that maybe a bit too obvious, I love it so much, I could make more things with it ;) 
All of the above can be found here

I know the list is quite long, and if you scrolled all the way down, I apologize for that :D but it's noway near the end... my list of fabric and craft supplies dreams is close to endless :D I will probably share some more lists in the future :D