úterý 20. srpna 2013

Inspired by nature

Today I want to share some new jewellery I made in the last few days. I feel greatly inspired after my short vacation... This is somethig I missed for the first part of summer... The kick of inspiration, the urge to create, to see shapeless materials form into something wearable and pretty... 

My personal sun necklace. Last few days have been overcast and rainy, so every ray of sun is needed. I created my own here with lava bead, wooden pendant, leather strip and some chain. 

You may remember this owl from my treasury post, I was hoping to wear it all summer, but with work and tight money I didn't get a chance to buy the leather... Last week I decided to make this braided wrap bracelet, inspired by my friend's necklace (ahoj marsí) I added some beads and a tree charm and made it my guardian :) I put it up on sale on my facebook page, but I'm not sure if I want to sell it :) 

This mandala/dreamcatcher was originally intended to be a necklace, so I only got one of these pendants... But it didn't feel right on chain nor leather, so I let it sit for a while to decide how to fix it... Then I just decided to make it into an assymetrical pair of earrings with single feather for the other one. I really love it this way, may need to make some more :)

Those hoops are just a little experiment with beads that turned out this way... I will probably gift it to a friend, I know of one who likes this style :)  

This last bracelet also turned out pretty nice, for the fact it started as another experiment... I wanted to see if I remembered how to make a sliding knot :) turned out I do, so I added charms and made it my astrological sign bracelet :) also for sale, with any sign you might wish...