středa 28. srpna 2013

Family trip

 This weekend I  went for  a short trip with my family (well, it was short for me, as I had to work today, they are staying for a week). We stayed in a pretty cottage - hotel. When we came there I realised I have already been there few years ago with my dance  team.  :) The  only downside was the weather...

We played a lot of games, pool, bowling, board games :) 

Taking picture of my sister taking a picture of me taking a picture - pictureception :D 

We visited this beautiful castle - Pernštejn

my sister being her true self :D

gold filled chapel

I wanted to see so much more in the region we stayed, but unfortunately the weather didn't allow us, and also I had to leave early. But I enjoyed even that short stay, we had a lot of fun. And also, this was probably the last trip of this summer... Can't wait for next summer :D