neděle 14. července 2013

Donated, not thrown away...

Do you remember this scene from the Big Bang theory ? :) 

Well that, in some way, is what happened to me a few days back. my boyfriend has a part time job working for a company that bags used donated clothes. He and his friends take the bags full of old unwanted clothes (thrifty heaven) and load it onto a truck which takes it wherever it's needed. I was working late, and when he called me if I was coming home, he told me he had a handbag for me :) well... this is more like a small suitcase :D also what i noticed, the logo looks a bit like a gucci fake :D but I don't really care :) The bag looks brand new, well made, and is spacious enough to hold all my necessities for a week :D and it was thoughtfully stolen (word my mom used, not me :D because their boss said he doesn't mind if they take stuff...) by my love <3 :D

in this picture, it looks strawberry red, no idea why, but in reality, it's more rust color with brown handles, a great combo of my fave colours :)

He said he would bring me some more things if he finds something I might like :D sweet boy....