pondělí 15. července 2013

Skater boys

These pictures were taken last week in a skate park in a nearby town. I only have one close friend, David, who is a true skater boy, and he called us if we wanted to hang out at the park. My daredevil boyfriend asked if he could borrow David's new bmx bike and they were goofing around. I borrowed his skate for a while, but I didn't ride for maybe 6 years and his board was the old school tiny one, while I was used to the cheap generic one you can buy at toy stores :D I fell after a short while, then I was laying on the concrete and laughing about it :D the rest of the afternoon I spent sitting on top of the ramp taking pictures :) 

Daredevil before going to action :D needless to say, he wanted to try a trick above his skill level and fell :) thankfully, it ended only with a bruise...

It was in the cards for everyone to fall that day. David wanted to do a backflip and fell on his head. It can't make him anymore crazy, so it was fine too. But i can tell you, it looked scary...

Soon the guys started complaining about  flat tires, so there was nothing left to do than to fix it right away... :) And as they say, if you can't fix it with strength, you need to use more strength :D :D :D me,  David's girlfriend and her brother spend the evening laughing at them, because they were funny like laurel and hardy. Later we sat on their front porch, talked, laughed, and had a good time. We will do this again soon, and then I need to find the board we shared with my sister and learn how to ride again :D