sobota 27. července 2013

Little helper

This huge bun is not the outcome of teasing my hair, it didn't even grow. It's awesome how a piece of plastic net can make such a big difference... I tried sock buns before ( used one of my bf's socks, he never figured out where did it go :D ), but it wasn't solid when I pinned it up. Last Saturday I went to visit a friend working in a jewellery store and picked it up (along with the new silicone tunnel you see me wearing in the above picture...). I have been doing my hair with the bun maker thing every day since :) My hair stays in place all day, holds the shape and I don't need to use too much hairspray :) if it wasn't for my fringe, I wouldn't need it at all :) And this miracle cost me only 40 CZK (cca 1,5 Euro)

do you ever have problems with losing bobby pins ? I always buy a 100 pack and two weeks later they are all gone... this is the leftover I found in my wallet, somebody needs to invent bobby pins with a tracking device asap...