pondělí 1. července 2013

Summer is...

... mixing pretty drinks at home :) 
this one is gin, grape juice and soda

... making pretty things. 
I sewed a maxi skirt with a pattern traced from my fave maxi dress. I wil tie dye it and then show you. the second picture is my favorite vintage fabric that will be turned into a pretty purse

 ... learning new things... 
I'm currently reading this book about gemstones and minerals and their health benefits... me likey. but it makes me want to buy loads of gemstones which can be really pricey :( 

... lace socks in sneakers. 
I made these socks a few months ago, simply by sewing the lace on them :D I love to wear them with cute floral skirts 

... pretty hair&crazy faces
I love the feeling of having freshly dyed hair, especially with the summer sun shining through them

... fedoras&feather earrings
in summer, my hippie side always come out. all I want to do is wear feather earrings, maxi dress and walk barefoot everywhere :) hopefully I will have a chance to do that this summer :D