pátek 12. července 2013


I never really cared too much about plants. My mom and grandma are really passionate gardeners, but I never thought I would be the same way. They told me I'll grow into it... But I never thought it would be that soon... :) A few years ago, I managed to kill a cactus, which doesn't even need much caring for :(  btw, that was the moment my mom's obsession with cacti and succulents started, we now have a full window sill and many other places :D But my passion for flowers and plants started when I shared an apartment with my boyfriend. It is true, that a house is not a home without a plant. So we had some that i was treating nicely, fertilizing them and everything, I even went to my grandma for gardening advice :) So now, when I can finally appreciate the beauty we live in, I want to share it with you. You can see all the love my mom has for those plants, and how peacefull and relaxing the balcony looks when filled with plants. We live in the centre of our town, yet it makes me feel like in the heart of nature... Cheesy, yes ? :D

I found this beautiful blooming hibiscus one morning when I went for a cigarette in our little oasis. It's so adorable, and vibrant, I feel so sad because I know it will die in a few days, but I wanted to capture the beauty it is now... I just want to pluck it and weave it int my hair and go to a beach :)

This widowsill is our herb garden :) We grow rosemary, parsley, basil, two kinds of mint and oregano 

This mosaic table was one of craft project my mom and i did together while we lived in a big house a few years ago. It used to be in our basement and as we used to have parties in there, it was pretty damaged. So we painted the legs green and did a mosaic on the tabletop to hide the stains and everything. 

This little weirdo is my mother's favorite. I don't like plaster dwarfs, I think they are creepy, but as long as they are small i don't really mind. But always when we go to gardening or home improvement stores (quite often :) ) I have to keep mom from buying another ones :D She has two now, which I think is more than enough :P He looks like he knows something we don't... mystery dwarf...

Cacti that didn't fit on the windowsill anymore, but I have no idea where will they go in winter... One day my mom will manage to fill all the rooms with plants and we will be left to live in our tiny basement... :D