středa 16. října 2013

The bagmaker

So, I dedicated all of today to create the bag I was talking about. I was really looking forward to it, because I didn't sew anything for a looong time, and also I wanted to try something new :) Also I took the time to take pictures of all the steps to maybe inspire some of you to try as well :) nothing difficult about it....

First I cut out all my base pieces, 1x from leatherette, 1x from lining fabric. 

 Next I used fusible lining to keep the lining fabric in shape

Next I had to figure out how to change needles in my machine :) not really difficult. Maybe I wouldn't even need a denim needle, I just wanted to make sure it goes through all the layers without breaking... 

 Time to start sewing! I bought extra thick thread used in shoemaking to make sure it doesn't break while sewing. I sewed the lining first and the outer shell next, always doing the base (circle) first, and then sewing the side seam. I'm not sure that's how it's supposed to be done, but well :) it worked ;)

 Next I wanted to add the silver things (what the hell are they called in English? :D ) so I had to find the  hammer and make the holes first. I was looking for a hole punch in store, but turns out it can only be ordered online and that takes too long :) so I bought a little device that helps you make the hole by punching it with hammer :D ... Some of the holes weren't punched through so I had to cut them by hand. The next step was to attach those silver thingies, again with hammer and that little magic device :) 

The first one was simple :) by the time I did the 9th one (there are 10 alltogether) my hands were hurting terribly and I realized one of my silver pieces were missing... I was happy for that little break and set to find it, when I couldn't I had to go to shop to source some more :) I did found them, so luckily I could finish :) but they were in bag of 1é, so now I have 9 more left and think about making another bag already :D 

I tried to capture the detail of my shoulder strap, it's zigzag  stitched on both sides, nice how it worked out that the stitching looks like chevron,and the middle part looks quilted :) I like that.... 

I made little loops with snap hooks that are sewn between the lining and shell. This wasn't really necessary, but I wanted to make a second strap with some chain, so the snap hooks will allow me to change it :) The strap itself is finished with D-rings to make it look really clean and a bit less homemade :)

The drawstring is made the same way as the strap, just thinner. I wanted to make the ends tasseled, but then I wasn't sure about it and decided to just knot them. And the slider is also made by me, I have copied that from a bag I saw in H&M on Monday :D 

This post is unusually long, but I hope at least I made it a bit clear for you to see how I worked, and maybe some will be inspired to try the same :D If so, send me a link... 

It's really the most rewarding feeling to try and do something new or something you may think may be over your skill level and it turns out so great that you really love it and feel proud. Didn't happen to me a long time and now I'm really satisfied with myself, grinning like a freak and I'm ready to wear my pwetty bag until it falls apart! Although there are some crooked stitches and little mistakes, I love it !!!!