pondělí 24. června 2013

Last week was...

....full of music

The Teachers - band formed of grammar school teachers (they also taught me), playing the Beatles and 60's rock music. They are great and keep their image no matter the cost (it was 34°C)... web

my sister with a member of Divokej Bill (Wild Bill) band. They play a mix of rock, folk, and traditional czech music with simple easy to remember lyrics and great flow. I was so excited to see them live around the corner from my house :) 

souvenirs from that DB concert... the pin was a gift from the shop manager, mom bought the T-shirt for me, and we stood in line for those autographs :) It was well worth it, the boys were friendly and willing to take crazy pictures :D 


the best thing about summer, you get these delicious grilled sausages (we call them cigars) everywhere... not too healthy but yummy indeed.... 

bowl of yummy homegrown strawberries that resisted all my camera settings... sorry for no better picture... :( need to figure it out...


my boyfriend, our friends and I were a part of organization team for last weekend's annual rally. We saw some of the best czech rally drivers, pumped cars, and even got payed for it, and gas for our way home... I wasn't able to take too many pictures, I only have this hybrid sort of, camera malfunction beauty :) 


To finish off our exciting days we took a trip to a nearby viewpoint, went up to see all the villages, falling asleep and watching the growing moon so close to us. 

I'm so excited and grateful to have so many opportunities and activities to keep up with in real life right now, I don't want to neglect my blog, but please be patient with me :) I have some crafty ideas waiting for me to have a bit of time that I can blog about later...

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