pondělí 14. dubna 2014

Punky fish!

On Saturday my sister, our cousin and I took a trip to Ostrava. My sister studies there and as she wants to move to another apartment next semester, she asked us if we could help. Of course moving was not the only reason to visit. The other was a concert of our favorite band Rybičky 48 (it means Fish 48 :D )

The club it took place at reminded me of my favorite club in Brno, the atmosphere and music they plyed before the band started playing. Also, the supporting band was really great. Young boys maybe around 17, but great skill on their instruments and they had funny and cheeky lyrics. Very skate-punky and really awesome. And as they are from around Ostrava and I'm not, I asked what their name was and their sweet (too young for me :P ) bass player gave me a badge so that I won't forget ;) The band is called On the way by the way :D :D :D 

Mr. Jacob Fish in the middle :D  

first row rocks 

drummer rapping :D 

In their merch stand the band had awesome and really cheap (for band merch!) tees, so of course my sister and I bought got one - the same :D It's in the washer now, but I can't wait to wear it and take some outfit pics with it ;)