středa 30. dubna 2014

Witches and Black cats

Today was such a beautiful day. We had nothing to do at work, but we had a lot of fun :D also, we finished early, so I finally got a chance to visit the sweetest little shop - Black Cat. As today is the Walpurgis night, they had yummy bloody snacks, witch hats and special discount for everyone arriving on broomsticks...I told the owner I arrived in a hell machine (my lovely car) :D 
I went there with a plan of exactly what I wanted, also with a limited budget (they dont have the option to pay card until next week) which is fortunate, otherwise I'd spend all my money! :) 

So here, I got this awesome skeleton hand necklace, you can get your own here...

Black cat sticker fit like a glove over my steering wheel logo :D easy tuning...

I know where to spend all my money from now on :)